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Handpicked from 292 vetted & reviewed Corporate, Business & Investment Law firms in the Greeley area, explore the top 3 leaders in their field among the selected group of 5 finalists.

Witwer, Oldenburg, Barry & Groom

Witwer, Oldenburg, Barry & Groom

Commercial Litigation, Oil & Gas Law, Real Estate
“He always showed genuine interest and concern for us, and we are grateful beyond words for his expertise, dedication, and perseverance in helping us reach a positive outcome.”
In Business Since 2013
822 7th St STE 760, Greeley, CO
Affirm Investigations

Affirm Investigations

  • Process Server
  • Documents
  • Job
“I hope not to require his services again, but I am going to keep his contact information available because if and when I do, he will be the one who I know will have my back with the integrity and understanding that instill confidence.”
Free Initial Consultation
In Business Since 2017
3620 West 10th Street Unit B #168, Greeley, CO
Otis & Bedingfield

Otis & Bedingfield

“***updating from review below- owner reached out and took care of the money spent on the half and hour we spent with the lawyer (James Godbold) It is refreshing to see an owner that takes care of customers and strives to makes things right when mista...”
Licensed, BBB Accredited
In Business Since 2012
1812 56th Ave, Greeley, CO
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Prominent finalists
Evco Investigations

Evco Investigations

  • Professional
“I've personally witnessed the TSCM (bug sweeps) and can attest it is the only service provider needed.”
In Business Since 2011
925 11th Ave Unit 491, Greeley, CO
Roney Law Firm

Roney Law Firm

Wills and Trusts, Special Needs Trusts, Estate Planning
“Trusts and asset protection.”
In Business Since 2009
1120 38th Ave Suite 2A, Greeley, CO

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