Corvallis, OR

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Best Accountants in Corvallis, OR

The highest-rated Accounting & Profitability Consulting firms out of 225 vetted & reviewed in the Corvallis area.

Advantage Accounting

Advantage Accounting

  • Understanding
  • Payroll
  • Business
“Katrina was highly recommended to me by a coworker who knew I was frustrated with the lack of tax and financial guidance and high prices of the CPA I formerly used.”
In Business Since 2008
260 Sw Madison Ave #112, Corvallis, OR,
Get Organized!

Get Organized!

Setting Up Quickbooks, Quickbooks Training, Mentoring & Support, Controller & Remote CFO Services
“Buuuuuut with all the madness in tax law over the last couple of years my books had some errors that I could NOT figure out, and I knew that Jackie would be able to help.”
In Business Since 1999
5060 Sw Philomath Blvd. #170, Corvallis, OR,
Hendrick & Kellison

Hendrick & Kellison

Estates & Trusts, Businesses, Individuals
“Michele Kellison is a person of high integrity and the knowledge and experience to help individuals and small businesses with their tax and financial decisions.”
In Business Since 1995
520 NW Oak Ave C, Corvallis, OR
Boehme & Running

Boehme & Running

“I own a small business have been doing it for several years and was not happy with my current tax accountant switch to this year to Bohemian and Running was pleasantly surprised and a great value good customer service.”
Licensed, BBB Rating: A+
In Business Since 1994
Serving Corvallis Area
Dominguez Accounting

Dominguez Accounting

“I was expecting to owe quite a bit in taxes this year, but after Connie completed my taxes she was able to get my Federal taxes owed down significantly and even got me a return on my state taxes!”
In Business Since 2020
Serving Corvallis Area
Richard C Evans CPA

Richard C Evans CPA

“I'm new to home ownership and just like most people I use a program to do taxes, like turbo tax (or H Rblock for some), but I had so many questions about my taxes and future goals.”
In Business Since 2017
Serving Corvallis Area
Pioneer Bookkeeping & Tax Service

Pioneer Bookkeeping & Tax Service

“I would definitely recommend her to anyone who needs tax help.”
Serving Corvallis Area

Accounting Services Estimated Cost in Corvallis, OR 2022

Minimum cost
Maximum cost
National Average
Avg Per Hour Rates
Fair price range based on 214 cost profiles
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Average Cost $455
Minimum cost $295
Maximum cost $3210
Avg Per Hour Rates $255

Typical range $375 to $803 is based on 214 cost profiles.

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