Chesapeake, VA

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Best Business Attorneys in Chesapeake, VA

The highest-rated Corporate, Business & Investment Law firms out of 314 vetted & reviewed in the Chesapeake area.

Davis Law Group

Davis Law Group

Corporate and Business Transactions, Family Law & Collaborative Practice, Adoptions
“I have worked with the Davis Law Group for many years.”
In Business Since 1991
516 Baylor Ct, Chesapeake, VA
Hanger Law - Real Estate

Hanger Law - Real Estate

  • Sale
  • Realtor
“They have 2 very different styles in my opinion but they are both excellent attorneys.”
Average Price Tag
In Business Since 2014
Serving Chesapeake Area
J.S. Burton, P.l.c.

J.S. Burton, P.l.c.

  • Expertise
  • Family
  • Confident
“Let me explain that when I do taxes for my clients sometimes I get a deer in the headlights response because I am in my comfort zone having studied taxes for so long.”
In Business Since 2010
Serving Chesapeake Area
Law Offices of Ralph Nichols

Law Offices of Ralph Nichols

“Even though most of our interactions prior to our day in court were on the phone or over emails he still took the time to put me at ease and gave me the confidence that we could win our case.”
In Business Since 2003
1403 Greenbrier Pkwy Ste 150, Chesapeake, VA
Brumsey & Brumsey

Brumsey & Brumsey

  • Communication
  • Home
“Went to school with bill and his dad coached our little league basketball team great guys I trust them and wouldn't go anywhere else for my attorney needs local and friendly and trustworthy”
Serving Chesapeake Area
Attorney Charles Havener

Attorney Charles Havener

  • Bankruptcy
“Answer all of our questions and gave me guidance on getting my part time business back up and running which allowed an early pay off and brighter financial future.”
3808 Poplar Hill Rd Ste D, Chesapeake, VA
The Jones Firm, PLC

The Jones Firm, PLC

“Ryan Jones is a superior litigator, is well versed in the local courts, and his staff is professional.”
308 Cedar Lakes Dr #105, Chesapeake, VA
Innes & Innes

Innes & Innes

“Super quick to respond, always available, and truly looks out for your best interest.”
In Business Since 2008
Serving Chesapeake Area

Business and Corporate Legal Services Estimated Cost in Chesapeake, VA 2022

Minimum cost
Maximum cost
National Average
Avg Per Hour Rates
Fair price range based on 205 cost profiles
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Average Cost $1263
Minimum cost $808
Maximum cost $5050
Avg Per Hour Rates $342

Fair range $1010 to $2020 is based on 205 cost profiles.

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