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Best Probate Attorneys in Bloomington, IL

The highest-rated Probate & Trust Adminstration Law firms out of 210 vetted & reviewed in the Bloomington area.

Ritchie Law Office

Ritchie Law Office

Estate Planning With RLO, RLO Client Care
“They took time to answer all our questions, helped us make sure the terms and conditions were what we wanted (not some boilerplate option) and explained everything to us in easy-to-understand terms.”
In Business Since 2007
Average Price Tag
2203 E Empire St STE G, Bloomington, IL
Finegan, Rinker & Ghrist

Finegan, Rinker & Ghrist

James Finegan (Of Counsel), Adam W. Ghrist, Josh Rinker
“He also said that the opposing council was the most difficult and uncooperative attorney, but he knew how to handle the case and most importantly said "he would be honored to help me with my case".”
In Business Since 2015
Free Initial Consultation
111 W Front St, Bloomington, IL
Charles N Erickson Law Office

Charles N Erickson Law Office

Wills and Probate, Real Estate, Civil Litigation
“I appreciate all of the work Chuck and Betsy did for me!”
In Business Since 1996
Accepts All Major Credit Cards
2105 Eastland Dr #2, Bloomington, IL
Cox & Fulk

Cox & Fulk

Business Law, Trust and Estate Planning, Real Estate Attorney
“Divorce is not an easy or fun process to navigate, but Jake guided me through the process in a way that my interests were protected while simultaneously keeping the process amicable.”
In Business Since 2019
Accepts All Major Credit Cards
202 N Center St, Bloomington, IL
Julia Davis Law Firm

Julia Davis Law Firm

  • Real Estate
“I have used her services on several occasions for temporary guardianship, trusts, LLC setup and real estate closings and I have been happy every single time.”
In Business Since 2016
409 S Prospect Rd STE F, Bloomington, IL
De Pew & Dehn Attorneys

De Pew & Dehn Attorneys

“Rusty - a god friend and attorney whom I keep returning to when in need of legal services and advice.”
In Business Since 1984
Accepts All Major Credit Cards
201 W Olive St, Bloomington, IL
Frank E Hoffman Law Office

Frank E Hoffman Law Office

“I had a lawyer before Frank and I lost, but I won with Frank!”
In Business Since 1985
Accepts Check
Free Initial Consultation
401 N Main St, Bloomington, IL
Costigan & Wollrab

Costigan & Wollrab

Estate Planning, Family Law, Workers’ Compensation
“Best defense attorneys, help you with your needs.”
In Business Since 2001
308 E Washington St, Bloomington, IL
Lyndel K Armstrong

Lyndel K Armstrong

“I have been a client of Lyndel Armstrong's since the 90's and have NEVER had to look anywhere else for my legal needs.”
In Business Since 2006
2409 E Washington St # C, Bloomington, IL
Ehlers Law Firm

Ehlers Law Firm

“He isn't about the money but the people.”
In Business Since 2005
103 N Main St, Bloomington, IL

Wills & Probate Legal Services Estimated Cost in Bloomington, IL 2022

Minimum cost
Maximum cost
National Average
Avg Per Hour Rates
Fair price range based on 245 cost profiles
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Average Cost $4040
Minimum cost $2525
Maximum cost $10100
Avg Per Hour Rates $404

Average range $3030 to $5050 is based on 245 cost profiles.

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