Best Accountants in Saginaw, MI

The highest-rated Accounting & Profitability Consulting firms out of 221 vetted & reviewed in the Saginaw area.

Team Holly CPA & Co

Team Holly CPA & Co

Bookkeeping Services, Payroll Services, Business Services
“I would recommend for small business accounting services.”
In Business Since 2013
9100 Gratiot Rd #4, Saginaw, MI
Looby Baumgarten

Looby Baumgarten

“Just the best years of great service!!!”
Offers Financing Options
Transparent Fees & Pricing
In Business Since 2012
Free Initial Consultation
5525 N Colony Dr, Saginaw, MI
Hartwick, Garant & Garant

Hartwick, Garant & Garant

Small Business Accounting, Tax Problems, Tax Prep & Planning
“Great people and excellent accountants”
Remote Consultations Available
In Business Since 1981
350 St Andrews Rd # 250, Saginaw, MI
Grapp Lerash

Grapp Lerash

CRA AFS, Consulting, Assurance
“Kaleb and team are outstanding and I would highly recommend them to anyone!”
In Business Since 2018
515 N Washington Ave 4th floor suite 402, Saginaw, MI
Viking Tax & Accounting

Viking Tax & Accounting

“If you are looking for accountants or consultation Richard and his help make it worry free”
Serving Saginaw Area

Accounting Services Estimated Cost in Saginaw, MI 2022

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Maximum cost
National Average
Avg Per Hour Rates
Fair price range based on 194 cost profiles
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Average Cost $438
Minimum cost $284
Maximum cost $3090
Avg Per Hour Rates $246

Typical range $361 to $773 is based on 194 cost profiles.

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