Saint George, UT

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Best Business Attorneys in Saint George, UT

The highest-rated Corporate, Business & Investment Law firms out of 379 vetted & reviewed in the Saint George area.

Snow Jensen & Reece

Snow Jensen & Reece

  • Divorce
“Great service”
Licensed, BBB Rating: A+
Accepts All Major Credit Cards
In Business Since 1989
912 W 1600 S B200, St. George, UT
Clarior Law

Clarior Law

Medical Law, Business Law, NFA Gun Trust
“I did an FFL Application, LLC creation and NFA Trust package with Mike and I must say it was one of the most painless, efficient legal processes I have ever gone through.”
In Business Since 2015
1173 S 250 W #206, St. George, UT
1law Saint George, Utah

1law Saint George, Utah

Bankruptcy, Business Law, Criminal
“I strongly suggest them.”
Below Average Price Tag
In Business Since 1998
1173 S 250 W, St. George, UT
Fisher & Hunter Law

Fisher & Hunter Law

“Jacob fisher helped me so much that i can't even make it clear on a short review… he helped me in my cedar city cases and st george cases, got several felonies pled down to misdemeanors and helped get me into drug treatment when i could have been doi...”
Below Average Price Tag
In Business Since 2013
444 E Tabernacle St suite b-201, St. George, UT
RJ Law

RJ Law

Real Estate, Construction, Business
“I highly recommend RJ Law to anyone who is looking for quality work.”
In Business Since 2020
35 S 400 W UNIT 300, St. George, UT
Bingham Snow & Caldwell

Bingham Snow & Caldwell

Family Law, Injury & Accidents, Banking & Finance
“Hopefully no one I know is ever in a situation where they need to hire an attorney, but if they are I am going rave about Clifford and assure them that he is the best!”
In Business Since 2006
Serving Saint George Area
Thomas Richards

Thomas Richards

“Tom has been really good in helping me to understand things and getting the ball rolling on my ch 7.”
In Business Since 2012
321 N Mall Dr, St. George, UT
Hyde Loubet Law

Hyde Loubet Law

“Although we originally thought our case would have a quick resolution, when it ended up taking longer he was still willing put in the time necessary to ensure everything was resolved, without charging us more.”
In Business Since 2021
1031 S Bluff St, St. George, UT

Business and Corporate Legal Services Estimated Cost in Saint George, UT 2022

Minimum cost
Maximum cost
National Average
Avg Per Hour Rates
Fair price range based on 242 cost profiles
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Average Cost $1250
Minimum cost $800
Maximum cost $5000
Avg Per Hour Rates $338

Fair range $1000 to $2000 is based on 242 cost profiles.

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