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Best Estate Planning Attorneys in New Orleans, LA

The highest-rated Asset Protection & Estate Planning Law firms out of 224 vetted & reviewed in the New Orleans area.

Rotharmel Shanks

Rotharmel Shanks

Spousal Support, Child Custody & Support, Wills & Successions
“They filed all my documents very quickly & offered many options; from having things notarized, to bring able to meet if I needed to, or adjusting any paperwork along the way.”
Average Price Tag
In Business Since 2016
1205 St Charles Ave Suite D, New Orleans, LA
Cruse Law Firm

Cruse Law Firm

Probate, Estate, Personal Injury
“Picayune Law handles all types of law in a professional manner.”
In Business Since 2019
Serving New Orleans Area
Scott | Vicknair

Scott | Vicknair

Estate Planning, Estate Litigation, Dealing With an Estate After Death
“Scott amended my trust documents as requested and he also made some modifications that would make the distribution of my estate less burdensome to my heirs”
In Business Since 2013
909 Poydras St Suite 2025, New Orleans, LA
Donovan Law Firm

Donovan Law Firm

  • Pleasure
  • Work
  • Information
“Would definitely use his services again and recommend him to anyone in search of an attorney who is easy to talk to, down-to-earth and sincere; no bull here!”
In Business Since 2011
Serving New Orleans Area
Addie Prewitt Law

Addie Prewitt Law

“I was especially impressed with her knowledge of both all the tax laws and the bookkeeping requirements of any business!”
In Business Since 2017
7041 Canal Blvd #500, New Orleans, LA
Dutel Law Firm

Dutel Law Firm

“Thank you for your amazing work and for your compassion!”
In Business Since 2011
Serving New Orleans Area

Estate Planning Legal Services Estimated Cost in New Orleans, LA 2022

Minimum cost
Maximum cost
National Average
Avg Per Hour Rates
Fair price range based on 240 cost profiles
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Average Cost $416
Minimum cost $208
Maximum cost $2704
Avg Per Hour Rates $312

Average range $312 to $1040 is based on 240 cost profiles.

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