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Best Financial Advisors in Kansas City, KS

The highest-rated Financial Planning & Wealth Management firms out of 201 vetted & reviewed in the Kansas City area.

TPG Tax Prep Firm

TPG Tax Prep Firm

“Excellent working with Bryan for almost 20 years!!”
In Business Since 2002
Accepts All Major Credit Cards
8131 Parallel Pkwy, Kansas City, KS
Curtis & Associates

Curtis & Associates

Planning FOR College, Succession Planning, Wealth Management
“I have had a great experiance with Curtis & Associates for years managing everything from IRA's to my car & home insurance!”
In Business Since 2018
Above Average Price Tag
Serving Kansas City Area
Mc Daniel Knutson Financial Partners

Mc Daniel Knutson Financial Partners

“For professional knowledgeable service with high returns and caring customer service, Mc Daniel Knutson shines!”
In Business Since 2011
Above Average Price Tag
Serving Kansas City Area
V Wealth Management

V Wealth Management

“Then Eric offers expert professional, independent, unbiased, insight from his own professional experience, along with his tremendous study of and knowledge in the areas of investments and personal finance.”
In Business Since 2004
Serving Kansas City Area
FCS Private Wealth Management

FCS Private Wealth Management

“Very knowledgeable and patient in explaining on our Finacial planning.”
In Business Since 2020
Serving Kansas City Area

Retirement Planning and Investment Management Services Estimated Cost in Kansas City, KS 2022

Minimum cost
Maximum cost
National Average
Avg Per Hour Rates
Fair price range based on 214 cost profiles
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Average Cost $3090
Minimum cost $1030
Maximum cost $8755
Avg Per Hour Rates $309

Fair range $2060 to $5665 is based on 214 cost profiles.

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